Project Felidae

I started this project to help highlight the two different groups belonging to the wild cat family. Out of the 41 species, only seven make up the big cats, a group of some of the most widely known species in the world. The remaining 34 species make up the small wild cats, a lesser known group of the most elusive individuals in the cat family.

The Small Cats

Profiles of the 34 species of small wild cats.

Pampas Cat, Leopardus colocola
Reference photographer, Alvaro García-Olaechea
Small cat, 3/34
Fishing Cat, Prionailurus viverrinus
Reference photographer, Scott Kayser
Small cat, 1/34
Clouded leopard, Neofelis nebulosa
Reference photographer, unknown
Small cat, 2/34

The Big Cats

Profiles of the seven species of big cats.

Sri Lankan Leopard, Panthera pardus kotiya
Reference photographer, Prashanth Jayasekera
Big cat 2/7
Bengal Tiger, Panthera tigris tigris
Reference photographer, Emmanuel Keller
Big cat 1/7